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Originally Posted by hammerofulric View Post
Save files won't keep the number of Rat Ogre packmasters. Resets to 1 per unit when I reload my roster.
Thanks for posting! Just a few questions.
- What version of AB are you using?
- what version of the WHFB8th ed data file are you using?
- how/where do you save your files?
- do you have debugging on or off?

I have tried to replicate this to no avail. Ive brought whole armies of rat ogres and packmasters, armies with mixed units including rat ogres and packmasters, valid armies, invalid armies, etc...cant get the bug to "work" for me.

Im using 3.2d AB, 1.7 (which shows as 1.3) data file, save in the default save folder, and have debugging on.
EDIT: also just tested in with the 1.8 data file with debugging off and still cant get the bug to "work". Could you pls provide more details as to what is going on?

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