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OK, so I feel very much like an idjit.

There were a few stray topics from a different import also included in another.

Since RW doesn't let imported content be deleted from the realm, I'm inferring that attempting to overwrite an imported topic with an import from a different export file was causing RW to crash.

The key here was seeing two export tags on one of my the Mech Ref/Source/Child articles that should have only had one and then a bunch of targeted testing across all 3k articles in the source realm.

I am using a master realm to build out my base rule mechanics and then using that to build out exports to be used in Campaign realms, based on suggestions found on the forum. However, using some articles as a base for others also copied their export tags, which caused the issue.

I went through all of my exports and redefined all of the view/article tag setups to ensure uniqueness.

BTW, a very helpful RW feature here was the Add Tags to Search Filter option of the Custom Search Filter, so I could find the errant export tags and remove them.

So the lesson I'm taking from this is to keep very close eye on the export tags when duplicating articles, especially if you are going to later use them in a different export. It can seriously bite you and be hard to find.

If the devs were still working on this, I'd suggest trapping this error during import rather than crashing, but that's a whole other ball of wax.

Thanks to you folks for your suggestions on troubleshooting this. It did help me narrow the field, albeit slowly.

Take care all!
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