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I periodically continue to troubleshoot this import issue, to no avail.

It appears that I can only import a file once. Even trying to import the same file more than once triggers a null reference exception.

I made a simple export with a Source article and three child general articles.

The first time it imported successfully. Immediately after the import completed, I reran the same import (with Preserve settings), and it crashed after 92%. Attempted again with overwrite settings, still crashed after 92%.

Another test:

Create 1 export file with 1 Source and 1 Child general article. Import to realm without these nodes. Success.
Added one more child node to source realm and added to export.
Switch to target realm and imported new file. Import crashed after 92%. Attempted both Preserver and Overwrite settings.

I've gone through to verify all Topic and Article categories are defined the same between both realms; the target is in fact based on the structure of the source but I wanted to visually verify.

I wish there were more debugging tools to figure out where in the process it is crashing, or more detailed logging to show verbose operation status/failure so I could narrow the field. As it is, the thought of working on my game in RW most days results in me putting it off because I can't get past this issue so I'm really just back to pen and paper...

It's very frustrating.
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