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Well, the entire text of the PDFs for those settings is also in those data packs. The entire thing, including artwork, so in that sense I can see why they charge so much. The hard part is it's not all that accessible outside of the program, so there's a tradeoff there.

As for net-based, sure FGU is still a program on your computer (for now, being on Unity opens up a ton of options there which might make it all browser-accessible in the future, or so the devs have hinted at as a possibility) but you no longer need to be a host with FGU, you can have it all cloud-hosted instead so no need for setting up any port-forwarding or the like. FGU is in early-access still, though, although the "Demo" version is free (you just can't really GM a game with the Demo version, but you can definitely join a game). That hosting also should add (may already have, but I haven't looked at it) the ability to have open games as well, letting anyone join until you close out a game or the like. A VTT find-a-game lobby, if you will. Lots of potential there.

Oh, and being Unity also means a strong potential for it to run natively on not just PCs and Macs but Linux and tablet OSes as well. Those aren't all there yet, mind you, but that suggests to me there's going to be a big upside to FGU for the future.

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