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OK, I can see that Fantasy Grounds is well supported, but also quite expensive to pick up even just the core game book materials. They want to charge you as much as you paid for the book itself for the data packs.

That being said, WOW there is a lot of Savage Worlds material for Fantasy Grounds.


Being that I am a) single, b) able to work from home, so I still have a job, c) slightly ocd, and d) silly - I have gone in on, Foundry VTT, and Fantasy Grounds. I am putting together a campaign and am deciding which of these I will use.

As far as the whole net-based vs running a game from my machine, I am a programmer, and I have access to network technicians in-house. So far all that has been needed for Foundry VTT is a port-forwarding. This can seem daunting, but is really pretty simple. I have not worked all the way through the FG campaign setup yet, just got it installed and need to figure out how to put in a map.

Onward and Upward.

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