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@Valyar: yes

@kbs666: I started with a blank realm and added the Structure from the original realm, then the exports.

The A and C exports have different topics. They may contain topics/articles that rely on the same underlying category definitions, but there shouldn't be any overlap.

The process I took to create the exports:
1. Define the export (optionally setting dependencies -- doesn't seem to matter).
2. Create a View for the World and Mechanics trees corresponding to the export.
3. Viewing the entire World, add the articles from the export's root node in each high level topic to the export. Repeat for the Mechanics tree.
4. Select the appropriate view, then bulk tag all topics to the associated export tag.
5. Perform a partial export, preserving ownership.

Importing the Exports:

1. Create a new realm with Structure from the original realm, and enter.
2. Import the export file, selecting Overwrite... in both the Content and Structure radio button groups under Advanced Options.
3. First file imports successfully.
4. Rinse and repeat step 2 for the next file:

~95+ percent, I get the "Object not associated with an instance of an object..." error message (Null reference exception).

Note: I'm not sure what the exact point of failure is due to how long the imports take. I'm usually doing something else and periodically check on it.

5. Send Report. I've probably send 10 or more of these, but haven't received a response. I'm not expecting one as I that's a one way debugging mechanism (similar to Dr. Watson), but they might get back to me.

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