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Here a list og things I have noticed

1. Since I am not getting e-mails on bugs i report, i suspect that my bug reports from the form are not going through. (so i post here instead)

2. There is a bug were I am unable to delete or retire characters from the cast list. :"Error: Cast member is linked to one or more scripts". However the script they were part was already deleted and they are not part of any other scripts.

3. For SR6 characters, there are several drugs and augmentations that provide additional initiative dice beyond the first. However there is a bug causing the first of those bonus dice to be lost.
- So an item that would give +1 dice end up giving +0 additional dice. And an item that would give +3 dice end up giving only +2 dice.

4. For SR6, some stacks of items are missing the split stack option. An example is Reagents.

5. When selling a stack of items, from a user point of view it is guess work to know if you are pricing the individual items or the total stack.
- Example, if you are selling 10 Reagents with a sell value of 50, should you put in 50 in the field as the UI suggest or put in 100 since you remember it is a stack of 10. Note that the UI will not even warn you how many you are selling.

EDIT: I sendt a mail to support and got a detailed reply quickly. They are looking into it.

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