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To identify Melee and Ranged SAs, would this work:

Melee SAs: ... Ranged SAs: ...

Also, for clarity, possibly separate the items in the .def file's Categ into Melee, Ranged, etc.

I'll keep working on how to alter the display for printing,

Oh, and the unit ID convention for your units; PLEASE use something more readable than the reaper ID. May I suggest:

NFAhradi1 (Ah'radivh)
NFAmmat1 (Ammat)
NFAmmatd1 (Ammat Devourers)
KHLancer1 (Khamsin Lancers)
KHMounte1 (Khamsin Mounted Archers)

(two letter race code, first 5-6 characters of the name, then a number in case more than one unit has the same set of letters, or for units that need to be doubled up for some reason.

Then, Ah'radivh's damage tracks become:

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