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So, bascally what you are saying is that for Army builder, it may be that we have to keep displaying it just like the old cards, where al the SAs are clumped under the main card and not under each sub-section.

for 90% of it, that might be ok. But, there are circumstances I can think of where for example, a MAV might get a particular SA, but the RAV does not and the model has both. Would have to be able to differentiate which the SA is representing.

As far as the unit with 4-7 children on every unit looking bad. That, to me, is what hte little expand contract thing is for. You can expand the children when you want to look at the details, just like in the current version.

In the upper window, it crrently only gives the main unit, without the children.

Ok, maybe I can pull this off after all, if I just live with the current dsplay and not try to recreate the actual datacard look.

But, if you can figure out how to actually recreate the datacard look for the printed part at least (I think it would be ok to have on screen be one way), but would prefer the printed look more like the new datacard.
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