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My thought was that the separated MAV/RAV/MOV/CP lines don't actually need to be separated from the main stat block when displayed in AB. Ignore the SAs for a sec, and read down the 0 column of a card - that column has the same information you're already presenting in your stat block. Each of the other damage levels simply becomes one of the damage tracks.

The question then is can we rotate the information when displayed - at least for the printout. I'll read through AB and look for some printout options.

Basically, I think the problem is that AB just doesn't support displaying information in the same way as Reaper's data cards do. So, I'm trying to think of a way to present the same information within AB's display model.

Think about the alternative for displaying units in AB - every unit would consist of a unit and 4-7 children (Dmg, Mov, Dis, etc.) - although that would allow you to access every stat in a unit, it would look pretty bad when displayed in AB. (of course there are always some of the big monsters, whose stat blocks are going to be just as long displayed on the cards as they would be displayed on their side).
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