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Forgive the delayed ersponse, work has bitten me lately.

First, here is my AB3 zip that I have done all my work on:

That way you have what I have. It was just about everything from the 1.2 rules and datacards.

If it were just an issue of adding a damage track and a changing the SAs, I could do that. My difficulty has mainly been related to the change in philosophy of how the abilities and SAs are presented. In the 1.2 file All SAs are associated with the model. In the 2.07 file some SAs are associated with the model, but many are associated with the newly introduced secondary stat lines (melee weapon lines, ranged attack lines, magical abilities lines, and nonstandard movement lines).

It could very well be that it is a very easy migration. I am just personally not sure how to pull it off.

Both in the doing as well as the having it show up in a correct manner in the Army builder screen while building armies.

There are follow up issues related to getting some of the faction special abilities to work also, but i figure tackle one problem at a time. First I need to be able to create the datacards, then afterwards, I can worry about getting those FAs to compute.
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