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Even if the MAV and RAV are now presented as separate lines in the new version of the card, that doesn't actually seem to invalidate what you have - although it does look like there's quite a lot of revising to be done (comparing a card for Chosen of Sokar, pretty much every value changes, and they add a damage track, but there's not actually anything that couldn't be done in the current rules, as far as I read them.

So, could you give me some more detail about what has changed? Maybe a specific example of something that stumps you?

P.S. I noticed a few things while trying to compare versions - for example, the Nefsokar army book has an army list for Khamsin only - is that not available? Also, I have the data cards and miniatures for Ammat Devourers, and they're in the 2007 data cards, but not in the current version.
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