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if you go to (and have to register there) then under the warlord section, you can download all of the new datacards.

I had done a ton of work with the old version of the datacard. I had used Russell's start to guide me and I had all the cards done for version 1.2. But, the change in how the new cards work, i was never able to figure out a way to make it work. I have the thought processes easy enoug, but the problem is i am just not that good translating my thoughts into this very difficult to understand software.

The old datacards (which would fit your book) are easy cause it is simply a model with multiple tracks and some special abilities. All upgrades affect the core model.

In the new version of the cards, there is the core model with it's set of tracks, but then they have segmented off items and attack types and movement types off into their own sections and each with their own set of special abilities and possibility for upgrade.

Hence why i have been thrown off and why I am willing to pay someone who is better with this software to get it started.

Then I should, depending on how you do it, I should be able to go back and take all the work that I did in the earlier datacard versoins and pull it in (related to troop build rules and thigns like that).
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