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At 03:47 PM 3/7/2007, you wrote:
Can an item have stats?

I already know I can tie options to an item, but I havent figured out how to tie stats to an item.

If it cannot be done, then I have to use units to represent the items, and then have to figure out how to tie units to units.
The fundamental distinction between items and units is that units have stats. Items don't. So there is no way to assign stats to items. Tying units to units is achieved the exact same way as tying items to units. You need to attach the child via an option and then link it to the parent. In the "How To" chapter in the Kit manual, there is a topic entitled "Adding Units Dynamically Via Options". This topic will outline the basics of what you need to do, and it will point you to additional topics that might be helpful as well.

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