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At 03:40 PM 3/7/2007, you wrote:
I have heard from someone that there have been training classes for AB at one of the major Conventions a couple years ago.

Just wondering, if true, when and where is the next training clas scheduled for?
I believe it was two years ago that we held training classes at GenCon. The main focus was in getting authors jumpstarted on creating data files for AB3, since it was newly released at that time.

If there is enough demand, we might be able to setup training classes again in the future. But it's only practical if there will be at LEAST a half-dozen people definitely attending. Given that AB is now a mature product and most authors are seasoned veterans, I'm not certain the demand for a "class" is there.

We're currently considering hold classes for our new Hero Lab product - because it's brand new - but there are no current plans for AB classes.

That being said, if you can garner enough interest to warrant holding the classes, we'll see about making it happen.

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