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At 08:46 AM 1/31/2007, you wrote:
I would make the dragoon and all of its stats for damage track 0 as one unit, then damage track 1, dt2, dt3, etc... as their own subunits that are tied back to the main unit as options. I learned this technique from Russell's Reaper Warlord files.

But, this handles only the main Dragoon (from the example).

I figured to handle the two weapons seperately as Items and then assign those two items to the dragoon. This is because each weapon has its own stats and data and can be upgraded individually. And not all models in the game wil have the same number or type of weapons.

Problem is that I havent been able to figure out how to do the damage track part for the weapons.
Russell is going to be the most help with this, since he's already solved most of these problems. However, I'd suggest looking at having a different stat set (of unit stats) for weapons. You'd use one stat set for the main unit and a different one for weapons.

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