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I am attaching a screenshot from the Warhammer 40K AB files. I am not authoring it at all, but it has what I need to show you to ask my question. First, look at the attached picture and then I will put questions afterwards.

Ok, so the question is why is some data coming out formatted the way its suppose to (green circles) and some is not (red circles)...? What is causing it? And can this be fixed?

I am having problems with my files that I am authoring, where all of the viewage would be considered red circles, that is why I used this screenshot instead of a screenshot from mine.

I have looked all over and I cannot see any difference in the datacards, in the DAT files, DEF files or anything that I can figure is doing that. I am hoping someone else can point out to me why its happening and where I might look to correct something like that.

Thank you.
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