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First of all, I'll explan why it's so complicated an messy :-)

Have a look at a printed roster... If you look at a model with only one DT, you see all of the abilities listed underneath their stats. Now have a look at one with multiple DT's. Those extra DT's are actually different units attached to the main unit as children, and there's also a child item called abilities. The child item has all of the ability option names underneath it.

In order to prevent the abilities printing out directly under the stats of a model with multiple DT's (ie - underneath the first DT), I had to do some messy stuffing around.

The easiest way to understand how it works is to start up AB, make sure you've got debugging turned on and then use a floating info window to look at the active links for a couple of different "units" - look at the main entry, then look at the DT entries and the abilities item to see which option links become active for each one.

There's method in the madness :-)

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