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You asked me to try and give you some insight as to how the AB files are set up. I am not the original author, I have just been figuring out how the original author had things set up and adding on to it. But, I will give my best to try and explain what I have figured out.

See, in the beginning I never had to read any of the included tutorials or look at other game's AB files cause it was fairly easy to figure out how the original author had set things up. I wasnt building anything, I was just replicating what he had already built or massaging areas that he had already set up. It is not until now, that I am trying to add things that are not included in there that I am having to now go back and try to learn the insides and outs on this thing.

Although you wouldnt know it, I have now tried writing something here about 10 times without really knowing what to write. I think that in regards tot he actual file set up and such, it might be better if you asked specific questions that could lead you to what you are needing. Unlike the Warlord build rules, it is not easy for me to ttry and tell you how the AB files are made. I already heard the snoring from putting people to sleep with my earlier rambling. It would be worse i I tried to explain the AB files setup.

I will talk about my second GOAL of achievement in a separate thread so that I can try to keep them each on topic and less confusion.
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