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All factions have some sublist groups that if you restrict your army build to those sublists of units, then you can gain some different build or game benefits. In almost all sublists, at least one of faction adepts becomes grunts (thereby eliminating the troop involvement restrictions). We have been able to use the over rides area to handle this in most cases.

One of my first ITEMS OF ACHIEVEMENT that I am needing help with, relates to this idea of adepts becoming grunts in certain situations. When they become grunts based on being in a sublist it is not hard cause the adepts changes for the whole list, just throw in an override to check and see if the roster is of the sublist name. But, if instead, if an adept changes to a grunt inside of an actual troop and not an entire list, that is where I am having a problem.

Using my "Illegal example" from the crusader lsit above, If I swapped out the sgt in troop 2 with the unique Warlord Gerard model, then it would become legal. Cause Gerard has a special rule that says in an all crusader army, any adepts fielded in his personal troop do not count against the overall build adept limit.

My logic that I am trying to use in AB is, asking it from the point of view of the adept, and saying "if I am part of roster.crusader and the runtime leader of my squad is Gerard, then I am a grunt not an adept, else I am still an adept".
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