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what is the correct script (to be used in over ride) for returning a model's runtime leader of the squad?

I was thinking that if I checkmarked the box that says Is Leader then it should flag the leader ID or something like that (I read in a different thread).. And therefore it should be something similar to the following:

runtime.leader."leader's unique id"

leader.runtime.isunit["leader's unique id"]

Or even better, what is the script that returns the runtime squad name of a model? that is, if in the data file unit section, in the "other details" area, I assign a squad name there, I assume then if I add this model along with other models under it, then I should be able to do an over ride script that checks to see if the the model is included in the squad with that squad name. And trying to figure out the correct tags or script or whatnot.

And last for now, in the over rides pop up box, under the conditions box, there are boxes like squad name, cost, etc... How do I include those into the conditions instead of the results? That is I want the items on the left side of that pop up box to be condition factors and the items on the right side to be the results...
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