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I just posted my issue over in the Warlord AB file forum since that is the AB files I am working with.

But, figured I would come over here to ask this more general question.

I have read the small descriptons related to overrides and exceptions in the downloaded creator manual. But, just isnt giving me enough to be able to do it myself.

I need examples.

I gave some specific examples in my post under the Warlord area.

I am hoping that a better tutorial might be written by someone using my datafiles as the backdrop and my specific examples that I am needing help with. I have many more over rides and exceptions to do than the few examples I listed. But, 95% of them are the same as those examples, so if I can get someone to help me do those few (and explain it to where I can understand) then I can and will gladly do the rest and then make my results available for all.

Thank you for your time.

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