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Uploaded a "Titan" sized update last night.

1. I've started on the ability descriptions. There's now an option flag to turn on/off the printing of ability descriptions as footnotes on the roster printouts...something handy for peeps doing demo work.

2. Large update of Drunes. I've scrubbed the Drune file and have added/cleaned/fixed pretty much all the units in there. Including adding in support for the Drune Scourges!! So, all you Drune players out there give it a test and let me know how it runs.

3. Miracle overhaul. I've done the Mr. Clean to the Miracles as well. Still not at 100%...but vastly improved. I've divided them up between "Reserved", "Cult", "Alliance" and "Universal" so it should be easier to spot your favorite Miracles now. Warrior Monks are the red-headed-step-child I've not completed. Some are fixed and are showing the "Alliance" group and some only have the "Reserved", "Cult" and "Universal" selections....for now!

4. Artefact overhaul. Much along the lines of the Miracles...Artefacts are now split into "Reserved", "Army" and "General" categories. Not all the "Reserved" artefacts have been fixed...about 1/3 of them are working, however.

Hopefully, #3 and 4 will help the data file load times. But, as more army packs are released and added...the slower the loads will get. I'm trying hard to clean up the unnecessary links.

Cheers, and great gaming!
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