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I'll be keeping a list of Bugs reported for the current file in this thread...Please check here before reporting a bug in order to make sure it hasn't been reported yet...
If it has "fixed" after it I've already coded it into the next bug-fix release...
Thank you...

ACTA file 2.1
The Ka'Toc should be Skirmish for SFoS (Raid for Revised) fixed
The Sulust should be Raid for SFoS (Patrol for Revised) fixed
The Tashkat and Takata should be War fixed
The Tiraca should be Patrol for SFoS (Skirmish for Revised) fixed

ACTA File 2.2
Xill and Xorr changed to Raid and Skirmish respectively fixed
Allies invallidating when adding aux craft fixed

ACTA File 2.3
Fighters not appearing at proper values fixed
Hyperion Command variant weapons fixed
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