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BAM :!:
Update mania. Just loaded up a new Warmachine file too :twisted:

Ok, like you might have seen in the other posts, this is a C3 update and work in progress. The files should de-compress into a new folder: Confrontation_EN
I did this just to split the Rag and Con files. Don't panic :lol: If you're having problems, please let me know.

Artefacts from C3 should all be in there and all the spell/miracle packs should all be out!
I've gone through the Dirz and Griffin specific changes & additions and about 1/2 of Acheron's....they have a lot of spell changes, it was making my fingers tired.

So, if you see any spells/miracles that I missed and they shouldn't be in the files, please please please let me know.

Have at it!
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