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Tag 'sClass.cHelpRWz' not defined
Location: 'eval' script for Component 'MythHelper' (Eval Script 'Generate mhSplExpr') near line 37

It pops up when I opened the "Demon Lord, Baphomet" on Hero Lab. I did not open any other one as of yet to see if I would get the same error.. but I will be soon. (heading for bed).

I need to use this thing tonight and was getting this annoying message each time I try and make even the slightest change in the portfolio. So while it is not so much that I can't use it, it would slow things down considerably for me during the encounter and with all the nuances of this encounter that can be very detrimental

I appreciate any and all help I can get for this!!
Thank you!!

Oh and as an FYI. I have all the Pathfinder Add-Ons from Lone Wolf. I also have the Community Bestiary, Shadow Chemosh Adjustments, Frumple Adjustments and a few other Add-Ons too. I also have Both the Tome of Horrors from FGG too if that makes any differences.
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