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Originally Posted by KittyFangs View Post
I have a character that is dual wielding the Elven Thinblade, and Elven Lightblade. Weapon finesse has never applied to these properly. I can add a rapier to my character and the attach bonus is accurate, however, adding a short sword offhand pulls my STR modifier. For my elven weapons above, it has never applied Dex to the attack calculations at all. I have checked the data files and the weapons are properly marked Helper.finesse and the lightblade is also a light weapon anyways. Something weird is going on here. Please help!

I have attached the portfolio. There is one edit to my data files, as my DM allowed me to take Heroics as a bard. Otherwise, no edits have been made. I am using the community D20 dataset
Your portfolio wasn't attached so I quickly made an Elven Ranger and gave her these swords and the feat Weapon Finesse. For both swords, the weapon finesse bonuses from Dex applied properly. Please attach your portfolio so I can see if there's something else going on.
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