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Originally Posted by Sword_of_Spirit View Post
Not only that, but if you use CTRL+Enter to create a new snippet, it will go back to the stock default font--not the default font you've set. CTRL+T will make a snippet with your font.

And that's not all. Sometimes even when a snippet seems to be working with the font you set, it just forgets your font and reverts to default if you backspace at the wrong point near the beginning of a snippet.
This part sounds like it may related to something I have reported as bug before: sometimes if you remove a link from some text (usually, but not always) at the beginning of a Text snippet, RW can become "unable" to recognize it for "Clear all content links and re-scan". In such cases, I have been able to "fix" it by backspacing into the previous word and re-typing the removed text... or by backspacing a couple of times from before the first character in the snippet.

This leads to me to think it is related to hidden characters/html embedded in the snippets.

Ctrl-Enter does not create a new Snippet... it splits the existing one into two at the point where the cursor is. The difference may be subtle, but it could explain the issue you're seeing because that could be a bug where the new Snippet is not carrying over the over-ridden font settings from the start of the current Text snippet correctly. Ctrl-T does create a new Snippet, and and would apply the specified default as part of that process. That could/would be why you're seeing different behavior.
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