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The issue is that I changed the default Realm Works fonts on purpose. But it doesn't seem like Realm Works really supports non-default fonts. Sure, you can tell it to use them, but then it's constantly giving you that dumb pop-up you can't disable. And this isn't just when I post from an external source--I can literally type text in one snippet and then get the pop-up pasting it into another snippet on the same topic.

Not only that, but if you use CTRL+Enter to create a new snippet, it will go back to the stock default font--not the default font you've set. CTRL+T will make a snippet with your font.

And that's not all. Sometimes even when a snippet seems to be working with the font you set, it just forgets your font and reverts to default if you backspace at the wrong point near the beginning of a snippet.

They really need to recode the way it handles changing the default font so it actually does it consistently.
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