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Originally Posted by Grey Mage View Post
I should have said it sells them (the players) on picking up a copy of the Player version. I keep pretty much everything in RW (now) so they have access to all the spells/feats/items/etc. Which is more than a little convenient!
The player version has always been a hard sell tbh. I bought the package deal a long time ago, 5 licenses for $30, and to the best of my knowledge at most 1 of my players ever even installed it.

Players don't tend to be as invested in a homebrew campaign which is of interest to their small circle of friends as people get in something like Faerun which they can discuss with thousands of other people.

It might be of more interest when/if things like player journals get implemented which let the players "interact" with the campaign world rather than just passively reading about it.

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