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> I've got 22 stats (b/c of a stat set) in a file I'm creating. In
> AB Creator, I only see the first 20 stats on the "Units" tab. Is
> there some way to fix this?

In a word: No.
It's a documented (see readkit.txt) limitation of ABCreate. If you
need to set the stats past 20, you have to edit the text version of
the files and use abdata to recreate the runtime versions - OR -
create a hidden option with relevant base: or stat: attributes to set
the various stats that you can't see in ABCreate.

The other option (assuming some of the stats are "temporary" and are
not actually "set" at design time) is to move all of the temporary
stats to the end of the list so you CAN see the stats you need to set
in ABCreate - Note that this can get quite messy if you have already
entered a lot of data.

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