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Originally Posted by Broley View Post
Let me begin by saying I'm not very good with computer stuff, and I didn't know how to phrase this to see if my question was answered elsewhere.

In Hero Lab, the old one,not online, I'd like to edit a few spells. Change the level here, add a material component there, etc. For 5e D&D and using the community added rules if this matters.

Pretend I'm a 5 year old, how do I do this please? Thank you.
You should start by posting your question in the Hero Lab Classic forum for 5th Ed (not Realm Works), and perhaps give an example of the changes you want to make to one spell. You'll need to use the editor. I'd suggest loading up one of the spells with New (Copy) that you want to change and play around with that.

@Devs - can you move this to the 5th Ed forum?

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