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I was using the Bestiary Monster Creation tool in order to input some monsters from Tales of the Old Margreve, and I've encountered some really weird errors with one of them.

I'm trying to input the Vila, who have change shape and can turn into falcons and wolves. However, when I go to create the ability, I get an error that shows:

In addition, the race gets several racial skill both Perform and Knowledge skills. However, when I look through the list of skills that can have bonuses, Knowledge, Perform, Craft, and Profession don't appear. It certainly seems to me that all the skill types that also require a submenu to be used to pick are all missing.

Finally, even though I'm still in the midst of creating the race, it seems to be throwing an error. The monster is normally armed with a composite shortbow. But the error I'm getting indicates I've got the monster armed with more weapons than it can use.

I think on this third error, what is happening is that it appears to be applying the effects of the Change Shape ability and deciding that because the monster is in hawk or wolf form, it can't hold a weapon........but at this point, I haven't gone to the In-Play tab to apply the change shape ability. So it's doing this too soon.
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