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Old September 7th, 2011, 08:25 AM is the official version for 3.5 and is recognized as such by wotc. Wotc dropped the ball on releasing the product line for it in 3.5 but the fans kept it alive. I have most of the 2nd ed material as well. You can use the material with the current campaign setting books in a 3.5 or pathfinder game. I am working on a data set for pathfinder based on this with the data. I will probably add a few raze feats, but I did keep the 4th edition version of Arcane Defilement... ie the re-roll option. My players like having a re-roll option and I see no reason to change it. The only thing I found lacking in is the Psionics department, namely Wild Talents. I had to find a copy of the Will and the Way from 2nd edition. Player Characters may manifest up to 3 psionic abilities as wild talents in Athas and do not have to go by the rolling chart method in the Complete Psionics Handbook. Kind of important but did not do very well with the psionics, still the rest of the content works really well.
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