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Sorry. I was so focused on the foreach loops I failed to notice only the chosen weapon would be affected even though you explicitly told me.

~ Assign the appropriate tag to all weapons that meet the criteria
doneif (field[usrChosen1].ischosen = 0)

var wpn as string
var crit as string

wpn = field[usrChosen1].chosen.tagids[thingid.?]
if (field[usrChosen1].chosen.tagis[thingid.wGreatclub] <> 0) then
  crit = "wCritMult.3"
  crit = "wCritMult.4"

foreach pick in hero from BaseWep where wpn
  perform eachpick.delete[wCritMult.?]
  perform eachpick.assignstr[crit]

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