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Originally Posted by BlueAgeWizard View Post
Ok, I didn't see that button as a Oracle (Spirit Guide) when I hit lvl 3. Am I understanding that mechanic incorrectly?
Simple answer is yes.

Originally Posted by BlueAgeWizard View Post
At 3rd level, a spirit guide can form a temporary bond with a spirit, as the shamanís wandering spirit class feature.
This is your "Spirit" which you add at level 3 on the "Oracle" tab. A spirit is a list of "bonus spells" added to the Oracle class.

Originally Posted by BlueAgeWizard View Post
Spirit Animal: This ability uses the same rules as the wizardís arcane bond class feature and is treated as a familiar, except as noted below.
The archetype Spirit Guide does NOT give "Spirit Animal". It gives a "Wandering Spirit" ability which is spells and hexes. You never gain a "Spirit Animal" which is like a familiar from the archetype.

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