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Originally Posted by Sword_of_Spirit View Post
I noticed that the new format of map notes on unrevealed topics having a crossed eye isn't occurring for some map notes.

In my Castle Ward (Waterdeep) scene, for instance, there are two unrevealed journal topics ("5 - Red-Eyed Owl" and "6 - Sleepy Sylph") that are showing up without the eye on the map notes. I'm including pictures of both the GM and Player views.

"- The "GMDIR:" indicator has been put on it's own line with down arrows to indicate which text is the GM directions."

I'm not actually sure what that one does? I'm not seeing any down arrows (not that it needed them).

I also attached a picture with the duplicated relationships and links in case you were wondering what I was talking about.
The crossed-eye icon is displayed if the PIN is not revealed on the smart image. The circle indicates that the pin has been revealed. In both cases, this is separate from whether the linked topic has been revealed.

Unfortunately, Foundry doesn't display map pins (notes) if the linked topic has NO permission for the player - regardless of my revealed state on each pin. - I will look to see if I can force the note to be visible, and then check to see if that causes issues when clicking on it.

For the GM indicator; previously a map note would appear as something like:

** title **
player note
GMDIR: gm notes

whereas the new format is

** title **
player note
-vv--- GMDIR ---vv-
gm notes

Unfortunately the way that Foundry does Notes is that we only have text to customise - we aren't able to add any formatting or changes in font size.


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