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Originally Posted by Farling View Post

As you can see, I've pushed out a small update to deal with topic with & in the title.

I need to check aliases again.

The issue is that the RWoutput file only contains the text for the link inside a "span" element, with no mention as to where that link is actually connected.

For each topic, the RWoutput file also has a list of "linkages", but there's no indication as to where each linkage appears in the actual topic!

Because only the text of the link is in a "span", sometimes the import module will see a "span" and assume that it is a link - and so might create a broken link rather than not showing any type of link at all. This is the reason that "Himinborg" appears to be a link the Portals topic.
Himinborg should be a real link, but it's a custom link to "1st - Ysgard (Layer)", which is probably at least as tricky as a link to an alias.

The RWoutput file you previously sent me didn't include the topic called "Welcome to 'The Realm'" so I see broken links to that topic when I test with your file.
That's actually the name of my RW home page--the one you get when you click the house button next to the back button. Looking at it, it seems its topic category is "Realm Starting Point".

I tried creating some additional links in one of my own realms, and they appeared in the RWoutput with NO span at all; so the import module didn't think that there were any links at all in that topic.

I may have to revisit whether I should be using the RWexport file as the basis for the import - but that gets far more complicated in processing the XML file.
I'll be happy with whatever we end up with. It's really useful in any event. As long as I know what glitches aren't fixable I can try to work around them.

Also, the roll table extraction is really cool! I can see a few of my random encounter tables got converted. I'll check and see if there are others that didn't and what the differences might be.

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