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1. Yeah, I've only started that. There's a lot of abilities to type, and I'd rather spend my time putting in new units right now. However, after GenCon I'll probably get back to typing, typing, typing.

2. That's also something that took me a bit to figure out. I thought it would print both descriptions on the printout and it doesn't so I'll need to go into each spell and copy the "stat line" into the description...more tedium I've put off.

BUT! ! !, I will have an update with the new Cadwallon units sometime this week, I'm thinking Tuesday.


PS. Rag-Narok will be coming soon! I think I've finally managed to get a setup that works and isn't too difficult for me to maintain. I've got the Devourer, Ophidian, Cynwall and almost the Griffin armys in to date.

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