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> hi,
> the star wars miniatures file is missing at least 3 figs, i believe
> they are all figs that have multiple versions such as the rebel
> trooper.

The figs are all there. Under the Settings Menu -> Squad Settings
Uncheck the option "Merge Identical Figures". Since the figures have
the same name as each other, by default CV merges them.

> It's also missing the promo tusken but i know promos usually get
> added sepereately. It's also possible that's there no difference
> between it and the regular tusken raider but i don't own it so i
> couldn't tell you.

as far as I know, the tusken promo is exactly the same one from the
set. I didn't see any distinguishing notations to differentiate it
from the normal one.

> on a positive note, i'm loving this program, keep up the good work.



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