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I have searched and haven't found an answer to this. Herolab says my level 4 druid has 4 reflex save.

This is incorrect and I can't figure out why it is adding +2 reflex. I don't get any bonuses to reflex from my race, feats or anything like that. No magic bonuses and there are no adjustments adding to my reflex.

When I print preview the character sheet it shows a base save of 4, 3, 4. Where it should be 4, 1, 4.

My dex bonus is a +1 from a 12 dex. Besides printing out my character sheet, I don't see any break down of where that extra +2 base reflex bonus is coming from.

My conclusion is that Herolab is calculating incorrectly. The Class file shows a poor reflex (which I assume is correct for calculating purposes).

Any clue as to why I am getting the wrong reflex?

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