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Originally Posted by Dakonofrath View Post

So I know weapon proficiency is a feat. So I just made a new feat for the weapon proficiency I want. Specifically I'm trying to create "Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Weapons" for large weapons like miniguns, rocket launchers, etc. I don't want them to be the same proficiency as firearms. In general this is working fine on the player side.


On the weapon side things aren't so simple. When I try to change my weapon's "proficiency required" I can't find the one I made for Heavy Weapons. I see all the other drop downs; one-handed firearms, two-handed firearms, etc. But not the one I just created.

I also want to organize the weapons to make them easier to find when players are searching through categories. When you mark a weapon as requiring a type of proficiency it puts it in that group. For example, I made a minigun and I set it for Simple Weapon Proficiency and it shows up in the Simple Ranged Weapons category.

How do I make my own category for weapons to be listed under? That way I can tell my players to just find all the "heavy weapons" and they will all be listed there without any other firearm cluttering the space.
Just adding a feat alone does not add the tags to the system you need for your custom weapon proficiency. This is a much more involved process than simply adding a feat. To be honest I am not sure if you can build custom categories without modifying the tags.1st file which you don't usually get access to outside of a handful of files associated with the authoring kit. Adding the tags is possible it's just going to require creation of an xml file that amends the tags you want to add.


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