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So I know weapon proficiency is a feat. So I just made a new feat for the weapon proficiency I want. Specifically I'm trying to create "Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Weapons" for large weapons like miniguns, rocket launchers, etc. I don't want them to be the same proficiency as firearms. In general this is working fine on the player side.


On the weapon side things aren't so simple. When I try to change my weapon's "proficiency required" I can't find the one I made for Heavy Weapons. I see all the other drop downs; one-handed firearms, two-handed firearms, etc. But not the one I just created.

I also want to organize the weapons to make them easier to find when players are searching through categories. When you mark a weapon as requiring a type of proficiency it puts it in that group. For example, I made a minigun and I set it for Simple Weapon Proficiency and it shows up in the Simple Ranged Weapons category.

How do I make my own category for weapons to be listed under? That way I can tell my players to just find all the "heavy weapons" and they will all be listed there without any other firearm cluttering the space.
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