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The difficulty is adding an automatic pick to a hero is problematic. The Core Skills are all tagged, and those tags can be dropped/added to change them for the Setting. So if you could leverage that tag and automatically include any Skills that had that tag it would work. But I don't know a way to do that currently.

Another issue is - when do you add them? And if you then change the Setting to a different one with different Core Skills, you'd have to figure out a way to remove the ones added by the old Setting and add the ones for the new Setting. Then there's multiple Settings. It gets into the weeds in a big hurry.

By far the simplest way is to let the user choose the Skills, and just subtract the initial point cost for any Core Skills that are taken.

The same method is used for the Language allowance. Since Languages are Skills now, we have to manage the cost on the back end because the free Languages are all at d6 with the native language being d8. We run into the same issues when folks change their Smarts, or activate Multiple Languages or Linguist. We can't add and subtract Skills on the fly, and the number the hero is allowed can change radically, up or down, as the hero is being developed. So we have to look on the back end when the costs are figured. This is not as simple as the Core Skills issue because of the Skill Die requirements.

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