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SRD content is open game license material. Basically they can't just add all the mechanics to the data files. If its not in the SRD it crosses into copyright infringement. The pushback comes for a reason. They're not the official licensed character builder of WotC. So you can't expect them to go beyond the parameters of the open game licensing. And WotC isn't giving out licensing rights to a character builder while they are selling Beyond subscriptions to their own.

This is why I coded my own 5e file. It's not done or perfect but its come far on its own and has the content I need.
I understand where they're coming from, but I've looked through older posts from them where they're willing to walk the line a bit more in the past than now.

On the one hand, they won't do anything to help us create the Artificer. It's a new type of Half-Caster, and they won't do any backend work to help us get it in. That makes sense. The Artificer isn't SRD content and they have no obligation to do it.

On the other hand, there's a bug with bootstrapping spells to a character that recharge on a short rest. The Tiefling has spells bootstrapped that recharge perfectly fine on a long rest. When you do the exact same thing but set it to recharge on a short rest, the spells don't reset on a short rest. This is a bug. But because there are no SRD races that have spells that recharge on a short rest, LWD won't fix the bug. That's where saying "we can't because SRD" becomes a little more excuse, a little less legal requirement.

Here's a for instance. The SRD doesn't have any monsters with a CR>30, but a developer was fine making a change that would allow for a user to bump it up.

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