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The statblock output has never given the full information on any PC for as long as I can remember.

I think the issue is that the statblock format was primarily intended for NPCs and monsters and LoneWolf implemented it to only print out RACIAL specials and never CLASS specials.

That's why if you look at the NPC humanoids like Abjurer, Arcane Archer, Blackguard, etc., in the editor you'll see that they don't actually have any CLASS abilities, just RACIAL abilities that are bootstrapped to the base monster "thing." This includes the spellcasting block.

I know people have put in tickets in the past asking for the Class abilities to show up in statblock format but I've never seen a reply that they are in the works. I know this firsthand because I remember opening a ticket to add a spellcasting block to PC output and never got anything beyond the "we got it" reply.

I came to the conclusion that it's not a priority to extend the statblock output to include class information for the 5e system.
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