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Originally Posted by ruhar View Post
Update: I uninstalled 253 and reinstalled 254. So far its not giving me any trouble. I will keep a copy of the install for 253 and 254 just in case.

Listen up LWD, aka Rob, I am not happy! I should not have to keep different versions of installs on hand whenever I want to import, export, or just use the program. I tried to be understanding and be your cheerleader before you stopped working on RW. It's time to step up to the plate and make this great program stable or sell it to someone willing to put in the time and money to give us what we expected back with the Kickstarter. Enough said.
Yeah ending development on Realm Works is and was an awful decision.

Sure, let's focus on HLO which doesn't even support PF1 yet and who knows, it may never.

Some terrible decisions have been made lately.
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