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I am not very happy to say the least. Yesterday RW crashed before heading to my game. I figured Iíd check it out when I got there since I was literally packing up to leave. I started RW at the game, opened the realm, and crash. I made several attempts adding in reinstalls, uninstalls, renaming folders, and anything else I can think of short of searching for a virgin. Nothing worked. I had to finally admit defeat and open the module pdf. Ugh! But I muddled through the session. I havenít had a chance to troubleshoot the issue but I was wondering if anyone else has had problems after going back to 253? Going back to 253 allowed me to import a realm I couldnít with 255 but itís not going to help me if 253 crashes all the time.

Iíll keep you updated but wanted to see if others had problems going back to 253.
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