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My desire to match the source document as much as possible is what drives this process. Primarily the game system uses different coloured dice, represents results of those dice using icons and terminology, and calls special results differently than simply a number.

The image isnt very good because its inline copy, but they are:
Green Circle with +
Red Circle with -
Blue Circle with ⤢
Star Trek Badge Icon
And this isn't including the dice with different colours.

Using the source one example would be several D5s with the sixth-side replaced by a square of colour. Currently represent this in Realm Works as "4 Red Dice".

However while typing my reply, this could further be changed to the full block glyph or half block, and that would better match the source document. Something like this "▄▀▄▀▄" would perfectly match the source, but would still generate an error.

The other symbols can also be represented by coloured glphys. Including the Star Trek badge symbol and the pointed arrow "⤢⤡⤢".
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