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Originally Posted by Lonewolf147 View Post
When using the HLExport feature, and I want to select individual files for a group (in this instance all FrogGodGame files), I see several different file types.

.user .1st .pkg

I know the user files are the ones I've been editing, but what are the 1st and pkg files? Do I need to include those when creating an HL file to use on my iPad? Or do I just grab all the user files only?
As my understanding goes:
.pkg files are not user accessible. These are files for the official data sets that you purchase and cannot be edited. So don't worry about those.

.user files contain general parameters for rules, definitions, and things within the game system. You define what the various components are within the game and how they interrelate with each other. These files define spells, equipment, character attributes, skills, advantages/disadvantages, etc.

I don't have a universal definition for .1st files, but if you read in the comments, the bootstrap.1st file defines things that are assigned to every character. This is where you define that every character has the Intelligence attribute, and every character has the Dexterity attribute, etc. In some game systems, every character is assigned every skill at level 0.

The tags.1st file defines all the tags and tag groups that are assigned to things in the .user files.

For a pre-existing system, you shouldn't need to copy the .pkg files. Those should automatically install when you download the game system. For a third-party source, again, you shouldn't need to copy the .1st files. Those should install when you download the third-party source.

You should only need to copy the .1st files if you have created your own files or made your own modifications to existing files. If you haven't done either of those things, then you shouldn't need to copy the .1st files.
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